Top 10 Delightful Halva Recipes (2024)

For some of you who haven’t yet been blessed with the opportunity of trying halva, this dessert originally comes from the Balkan and Middle Eastern countries, and each of these countries has its specific traditional ways of preparing it. It’s a type of dessert that’s very filling and energizing, which is why it makes such a great study or workout snack.

A long time ago, people would usually have halva only as a whole block of cake. We say block as it tends to have a pretty hard surface and texture. However, nowadays you can find all sorts of halva recipes because if there’s anything we truly enjoy besides eating food, is experimenting with it.

Because there are so many to choose from, we’ve narrowed down that choice to the top 10 halva recipes. You’ll find everything, from halva cakes prepared in a traditional way, to modern small energy bites served on a plate or in a glass.

So, if you’re curious to try something new or trying to expand your skills in making halva, then you’ve come to the right place.

Carrot Halwa Cheesecake Recipe

Top 10 Delightful Halva Recipes (1)

If you thought you’d seen enough from cheesecakes, then be ready for a surprise. This Indian carrot halva miracle in a glass will open up a new world in your culinary experience and earn its spot in your book of recipes. If it’s already captured your attention, get your ingredients and treat yourself to some Indian halva.

Halva Shortbread

Top 10 Delightful Halva Recipes (2)

Honestly, who doesn’t salivate at the sight of chocolate sandwiches? With a crunchy crust, some smooth tahini paste, and some melted chocolate for optional, yet highly recommendable dipping, you can hardly avoid this recipe from your to-bake list. So, we believe we don’t have to try so hard to convince you to make it.

Vegan Semolina Halva

Top 10 Delightful Halva Recipes (3)

Here’s a little something if you’re just dipping your toes into making this Greek dessert and you’re a little skeptical of how it will turn out. No worries, because it’s fairly easy to make as it requires few ingredients no baking whatsoever. It’s perfect for afternoon family gatherings because there’s enough for everyone and one slice is enough to satisfy your sugar cravings.

Pumpkin Halva

Top 10 Delightful Halva Recipes (4)

Since we have a long way until we greet the fall season, it would be best if you saved this recipe for the perfect occasion and direct your attention to the other non-seasonal-themed halva recipes. Or, if you’re not a patient person in nature, no one’s stopping you from giving this recipe a go right now. At least you’ll have enough time to practice it until fall time.

Semolina Halva “Truffles” With Pine Nuts

Top 10 Delightful Halva Recipes (5)

We already familiarized ourselves with the Greek semolina halva in the third recipe of this article, now we’re moving on to a bit different version of this dessert. It comes in the form of truffles which are packed with proteins from the nuts which will guarantee a day full of energy for you and the people you share them with.

Raw Halvah

Top 10 Delightful Halva Recipes (6)

If there were ever a raw dessert that will save you from that afternoon sugar drop and keep you healthy, then this is it. It contains plenty of calcium and other minerals, but also fiber, which is responsible for maintaining cholesterol levels. No excuse for grabbing another candy bar after lunch now.

Sesame Halva in Oven

Top 10 Delightful Halva Recipes (7)

Now, let’s preheat the oven for this one. This originally Turkish tahini halva can be prepared in many different ways which are described in the recipe, but the best part of it is the oven. Once you bake the halva, you’ll be greeted with a golden crust that perfectly complements its smooth texture underneath.

Date Halva

Top 10 Delightful Halva Recipes (8)

Next on this list is the Assyrian Halva which is a bit simpler than the others but in no way less tasty. Read the recipe to find out how you can make it, but also to learn a bit about the cultural meaning behind this delightful Middle Eastern variety.

Halva With a Rhubarb Compote

Top 10 Delightful Halva Recipes (9)

For a tarty touch to your usual sweet halva, we present to you the rhubarb compote halva. Just follow the instructions after you’re prepared all the ingredients and be ready to welcome your new desert after spending 45 minutes in the oven.

Raw Halva Coconut Energy Bites

Top 10 Delightful Halva Recipes (10)

And finally, the afternoon snack you’ll want to make in huge batches – the halva coconut energy balls. Whether you’re late for work or need something to keep you alert during the afternoon, these energy bites are perfect for the job. And since they can sit for about 5 days in the fridge, you’ll have a ready afternoon work snack for the whole week.

There you have it, dessert lovers. We hope we’ve inspired you to make some of these halva recipes as well as to learn something interesting about their cultural background. And if you have anything else to add, please feel free to do so in the comments below. Happy cooking, everybody!

Top 10 Delightful Halva Recipes (2024)


What is the difference between halva and halvah? ›

The sweet's spellings are as numerous as its origins: Egyptians call it “halawa,” while Indians drop the final "h" and name it “halva.” Regardless of what you call it, what is certain is that the word derives from the Arabic word, “halwa,” which means “sweet confection.” This versatile, rich ingredient has spread ...

Why is my halva chewy? ›

For one thing, halvah is made with soapwort, which gives it that characteristic chewy/foamy/moist-chalky texture that is so unique and special.

What is traditional halva made of? ›

Halva is a traditional Middle Eastern fudge-like confection made with tahini (sesame seed paste), sugar, spices and nuts. In fact, the Arabic word halva translates to “sweetness.” Halva's semisweet, nutty flavor and crumbly, fluffy texture are what make it a uniquely delicious treat.

How much halva can you eat? ›

Enjoy halva in moderation.

Although it may not seem like you are eating a lot, consuming more than ten small pieces or thin slices in one sitting may give you a stomach ache.

Why do Jews eat halvah? ›

Halvah is especially popular in Israel because it is pareve, meaning no meat or dairy, so it is a good dessert for those who eat kosher. The brand Joyva sells halvah in many United States supermarkets including Giant. Halvah can be made in several flavors with different toppings.

Do Jews eat halva? ›

Halvah is really the epitome of Jewish cuisine.

Why is halva so expensive? ›

The price of the Halva is efected directly by the ingredients we use to make it. We use the best Tahini (cost 5 times more then an avarage one), we use real Belgian chocolates, we use the best green pistachio in the market, and we do so also with all of the other ingredients.

Does halvah need to be refrigerated? ›

Halva does not require refrigeration for food safety reasons. In fact, it has been sold for centuries in the hot desert sun in the Middle East! However, we do recommend keeping it cool in the fridge or a temperature controlled pantry to try to delay the natural separation of oil.

Why do Muslims make halva? ›

In Turkey halva is served for special occasions such as births, circumcisions, weddings and religious gatherings. The tradition is for semolina halva to be served at funerals, when someone leaves or returns from Hajj, and during Ramadan.

What goes well with halva? ›

The nutty, savory flavors of the halva paired quite nicely with the sweet dark chocolate brownie underneath, and everyone I served it to also loved it. Halva would be great crumbled into quick breads or muffins, or as a fun topping for a chocolate tart.

What's the best way to eat halva? ›

Typically, halva is served at room temperature, but can also be served warm or cold. Halva can be accompanied by coffee, tea or wine. It can be snacked on by itself, as part of a spread of desserts, or with bread. Sometimes halva is served topped with whipped cream or in a thinner, spoonable, consistency.

Can you eat halva everyday? ›

High-sugar foods can crowd out other more nutritious foods and increase your risk for obesity and obesity-related health conditions. This doesn't mean you can't eat halva, just that you should enjoy it only occasionally and in moderation.

Is halva bad for cholesterol? ›

Sesame seeds, the main ingredient in traditional Halva, offer a significant amount of unsaturated fats. These healthy fats are known to promote heart health by reducing elevated levels of 'bad' LDL cholesterol.

Do you eat halva with bread? ›

Whether you're eating it by the spoonful, on toast or in gooey brownies, the Middle Eastern staple has an appeal that's limitless.
  1. For the well-versed, halva begins with childhood, when it's eaten by the spoonful from the cupboard or smeared onto warm bread as a snack – like Nutella.
  2. Derived from the.
Aug 15, 2019

Is halva full of sugar? ›

Anyway, keep in mind that halva should be used moderately due to its high sugar content.

How are you supposed to eat halva? ›

Typically, halva is served at room temperature, but can also be served warm or cold. Halva can be accompanied by coffee, tea or wine. It can be snacked on by itself, as part of a spread of desserts, or with bread. Sometimes halva is served topped with whipped cream or in a thinner, spoonable, consistency.

Is halva Greek or Indian? ›

Halvah is a Greek and vegan dessert made of four simple ingredients: Semolina, sugar, nuts, oil and aromatics. There are many versions of Halvah.

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