This is the BEST oven roasted vegetables recipe! (2024)

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These Easy Oven Roasted Vegetables are perfectly tender and packed with flavor! This healthy method for roasting vegetables can be adapted to fit any veggies you’ve got on hand!

To make a complete meal, pair these perfect roasted vegetables with an easy roast chicken recipe or our stuffed flank steak recipe!

This is the BEST oven roasted vegetables recipe! (2)

    The Best Oven Roasted Vegetables

    Enjoy a delicious and easily prepared recipe for oven roasted vegetables. Ready in just 20 minutes, this perfect side dish pairs wonderfully with meat, fish, or rice, offering a healthy and tasty addition to any meal. Additionally, it’s an ideal option for meal prep: roast several large sheet pans of veggies on Sunday night and then conveniently reheat them for quick and nutritious lunches or dinners throughout the week.

    This awesome vegetables recipe has been my go-to dish lately because I can’t pass up a Farmer’s Market if my life depended on it. I see a veggie/fruit/pumpkin stand, and I STOP! I just hop out of the car, take everything they’ve got on display, and continue on my journey.

    I live in Indiana, friends. Farmer’s Markets last a whole, what, like, 3 months around here?! So, I just take full advantage. 🌶 🥦 🥕

    This is the BEST oven roasted vegetables recipe! (3)

    How To Make Oven Roasted Vegetables

    Roasting vegetables is an easy and very simple, almost hands-off skill. Vegetables are nutritious food to feed yourself and your family, and roasting them is one way to make those veggies wanted, demanded, and loved by picky eaters. The hot oven brings out the natural sugars in vegetables, resulting in a sweet and fantastic depth of flavor. Besides, this is the best way to clean out that vegetable tray in your fridge.

    This is the BEST oven roasted vegetables recipe! (4)
    • In this recipe I used broccoli, cauliflower, thin baby carrots, red bell pepper, onions, and mushrooms.
    • When roasting vegetables, I usually don’t even bother with measuring; I just layer every veggie I can find on top of a sheet pan lined with parchment paper.
    • Then, I take a little olive oil and drizzle it all over. Next, I add salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning over the veggies.
    • Using my hands, I mix up everything together until all the veggies are coated with oil and seasonings.
    • Finally, I transfer the vegetables to the oven for about 17 to 20 minutes at high heat, or until crisp-tender and lightly browned.

    That’s pretty much IT.It is healthy and tasty, and you only need a handful of simple ingredients to make the best side dish. Add your favorite protein, and it’s an easy way to make this a delicious full course!

    This is the BEST oven roasted vegetables recipe! (5)

    Tips For Perfectly Roasted Vegetables

    • Do not overlap the veggies. You want one single layer of vegetables. I advise using a large sheet pan – 12 x 16 is a good size.
    • Stir the veggies halfway through cooking.
    • Use your favorite seasonings and spices, toss in fresh herbs and chili powder, and adjust the amounts to your preference.
    • Continue roasting until the vegetables are easily pierced with a fork or knife and they are showing crispy, charred bits at the edges. I like my veggies crisp-tender. The other three in this household like a SOFT tender veg. Thus, since majority rules… we end up with crisp-tender vegetables. 😉
    • Before serving, add grated parmesan cheese and fresh chopped parsley. A drizzle of balsamic vinegar is also a delicious idea.

    Recipe Variations and Vegetable Swaps

    • You can use different vegetables than what is listed as long as the vegetable/s can cook in around 15-20 minutes at 425˚F. For example, you can use asparagus, green beans, halved small Brussels sprouts, quartered red onion, or sliced zucchini.
    • I recommend avoiding sweet potatoes or other root vegetables as they generally require a longer cooking time. However, if you prefer to include them, simply dice them into smaller pieces. This adjustment will help them roast more quickly, allowing them to cook in roughly the same timeframe as the other vegetables.
    This is the BEST oven roasted vegetables recipe! (6)

    Storing Vegetables Leftovers

    • Store completely cooled vegetables in an airtight container, and keep in the fridge for up to 4 days.
    • To keep the vegetables firm and crisp, reheat them in a preheated 450˚F oven for 5 minutes.

    More Vegetables Recipes

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    This is the BEST oven roasted vegetables recipe! (7)

    Easy Oven Roasted Vegetables

    Katerina | Diethood

    These Easy Oven Roasted Vegetables are perfectly tender and packed with flavor! This healthy method for roasting vegetables can be adapted to fit any veggies you've got on hand!

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    Servings : 6 serves

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    Prep Time 10 minutes mins

    Cook Time 20 minutes mins


    • 2 cups broccoli florets
    • 2 cups cauliflower florets
    • 2 cups sliced baby portobello mushrooms
    • 1 cup thin baby carrots
    • 1 red bell pepper, chopped
    • 1 small yellow onion, cut into 6 wedges
    • 2 tablespoons olive oil
    • salt and fresh ground pepper, to taste
    • teaspoons Italian Seasoning
    • ½ teaspoon garlic powder
    • grated parmesan cheese, for garnish (optional)
    • chopped fresh parsley, for garnish (optional)


    • Preheat oven to 425˚F.

    • Line a large baking sheet with foil or parchment paper.

    • Add all the vegetables to the baking sheet.

    • Add olive oil over the veggies and mix with either a wooden spoon or just use your hands.

    • Season with salt, pepper, Italian Seasoning, and garlic powder; gently toss until thoroughly combined.

    • Arrange all the veggies in a single layer.

    • Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, stirring halfway through cooking. You want to roast the veggies until fork tender and lightly browned.

    • Remove from oven.

    • Garnish with parmesan cheese and parsley, and serve.


    • DO NOT overlap the veggies; arrange them in one single layer.
    • Use a sheet pan that’s at least 12 in. x 16 in.
    • Stir the veggies halfway through cooking.
    • Use your favorite seasonings and spices, and adjust the amounts to your preference.


    Calories: 89 kcal | Carbohydrates: 10 g | Protein: 3 g | Fat: 5 g | Saturated Fat: 1 g | Sodium: 40 mg | Potassium: 416 mg | Fiber: 3 g | Sugar: 4 g | Vitamin A: 3752 IU | Vitamin C: 71 mg | Calcium: 35 mg | Iron: 1 mg

    Nutritional info is an estimate and provided as courtesy. Values may vary according to the ingredients and tools used. Please use your preferred nutritional calculator for more detailed info.

    Course: Side Dish

    Cuisine: American, Italian, Mediterranean

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    This is the BEST oven roasted vegetables recipe! (2024)


    What is the secret to extra crispy roasted vegetables? ›

    Your vegetables are about to get even crispier with this simple tip. The next time you roast vegetables, add some cornstarch. Yes, cornstarch—that box in your pantry is the secret to a super-crispy exterior on veggies, from potatoes to cauliflower.

    What is the best temperature to roast vegetables at in the oven? ›

    The perfect temperature– 400 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect temperature for most roasted vegetables. It allows for a crispy, perfectly browned exterior and a fork tender interior.

    Which vegetables are best for roasting? ›

    Best Vegetables To Roast

    Obvious choices are root veg like carrots, potatoes, and parsnips. But crucifers like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower roast well, too. More delicate veggies like cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and squash roast spectacularly well.

    Why won t my roast veggies go crispy? ›

    The Oven Temp Is Too Low

    But, they'll turn out soft and soggy instead of crispy and caramelized. The solution: Turn the oven temperature up to 400°F to 425°F. The high heat will quickly coax out all those naturally sweet flavors while keeping the vegetable tender-crisp. Everything will be golden brown and delicious!

    Should I oil vegetables before roasting? ›

    Coat the vegetables generously with oil before roasting.

    You can use olive oil or avocado oil. Drizzle oil over vegetables and toss with your hands, rubbing the oil into the veggies to make sure they are well coated. You can do this in a large bowl or right on the sheet pan.

    Should I cover my roasted vegetables in the oven? ›

    There is no need to cover vegetables when roasting. Covering them creates steam, so they won't get as crispy and caramelized. Don't forget to stir once or twice while cooking so the vegetables get nicely browned on all sides. Other than that, you can't really go wrong.

    Do you flip vegetables when roasting? ›

    Roasting is not a set-it-and-forget-it method of cooking. Forget to flip the vegetables, and they'll end up unevenly cooked, with one side that's deep brown (or burnt), while the other has no color. Follow this tip: At least once, although preferably twice, toss the vegetables around the sheet pan.

    How long should I roast veggies at 400? ›

    Spring and summer vegetables, like squash, peppers, asparagus, beans and mushrooms, will cook in about half the time of potatoes and root and winter vegetables. On average, I cook the former for about 20-30 minutes at 400-425 degrees. The latter roasts for about 45 minutes at the same temp.

    What is a good seasoning for vegetables? ›

    Of course, this is dependent on the type of cuisine you are looking to create, but below are our recommended essentials for seasoning your vegetables.
    • Rosemary.
    • Thyme.
    • Parsley.
    • Sage.
    • Basil.
    • Mint.
    • Garlic.
    • Salt.
    Jun 15, 2023

    Which of the following vegetables is not well suited for roasting? ›

    Vegetables to Avoid Roasting

    Green beans, broccoli, and other green-colored vegetables are not as well-suited for roasting because they tend to turn olive green.

    What is the difference between roasting and baking vegetables? ›

    The word bake is usually used when a dish is covered in sauce or cooked in a covered pot. Roasting is often more simple, usually involving a meat or vegetable being coated in oil or another fat, seasoned, and then cooked in an open pan or on a rack.

    How do chefs roast vegetables? ›

    Combine vegetables and oil and toss until completely coated. Add in seasonings of choice (if using) and pinch salt/pepper. Place on a baking pan, stone, or foil lined cookie sheet in a single layer. Bake for 25-60 minutes, turning once during cooking.

    How to make really tasty vegetables? ›

    Add a squeeze of lemon juice after you steam your vegetables. It can add a nice surprise to spinach or broccoli. Sauté with Herbs. To infuse your vegetables with flavor and mouth-watering aromas, sauté them in olive oil, garlic and herbs of your choice (basil, oregano, thyme, etc).

    Should I use foil when roasting vegetables? ›

    Faced with few definitive answers, here's what I've deduced (and I hope you'll share your own findings in the comments below!): For less caramelization (and easier clean-up), stick with foil, a nonstick baking mat, or—for palest results—parchment paper.

    Why are my roasted vegetables always soggy? ›

    If the vegetables are arranged too closely together or are on top of one another, they will steam, making them mushy rather than caramelized. Always sprinkle with S & P. Next, season with salt and pepper. This is a key step and can really make a difference in the final flavor.

    What ingredient makes food crispy? ›

    Cornstarch in the flour makes the crust crispier.

    Cornstarch weakens the all-purpose flour's protein just enough to make the coating tender.

    Does baking powder make vegetables crispy? ›

    The seltzer and baking powder ensure that the fritters are shatteringly crisp–even slightly tired vegetables emerge from the oil crunchy, fresh, and sweet. And don't fear the frying.

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