25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (2024)

Looking for Valentine crafts to make and sell in 2024? As a DIY enthusiast, I can tell you that there is good money to be made from crafts and there is a handmade gift for everyone.

As a side hustle, selling Valentine’s Day crafts is a no-brainer since people are already searching for romantic gifts.

Homemade gift ideas also happen to sell best since they can be used to personalize feelings towards your partner. What’s more, there are thousands of DIY gift ideas, from inexpensive earrings to mason jar crafts.

So, if you are quite handy and into hobbies that earn money, it is time to immerse yourself in Valentine’s craft ideas below.

Best Valentine’s Day Crafts to Make Money

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (1)

A thoughtful gift on a day set aside for love can fetch you good money. Such gifts invoke feelings of love and passion long after Valentine’s passes. Depending on your craftsmanship, the following gifts can get you a few to hundreds of dollars apiece.

1. Heart Wreath

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Heart DIY projects are some of the best Valentine’s Day crafts to make money from home. The item is easy to create and an appropriate gift for anyone.

It is all about creating a “love” shape from flowers, fabric, or even paper. To make the heart really cute, you can use a red ribbon to embellish your design with smaller hearts.

2. Love-themed Earrings

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (3)

Earrings are easy crafts to sell throughout the year. The best part is that earrings are fun and easy to make, especially if your side gig is a jewelry consultant for famous jewelers.

With just a starter jewelry kit, you can create faux ornaments to adorn your earring designs. Each kit comes with hundreds of parts, meaning you can create enough adorable Valentine’s jewelry to start an Etsy shop.

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3. DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

If you are a great wordsmith, seasonal cards make cute Valentine’s Day gifts. The gifts are popular and their design allows for many customization options.

From personal messages to colorful themed designs, there is no limit to what you can achieve with scrap paper, ribbons, scissors, writing material, and imagination.

4. Heart-Shaped Candles

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (4)

You can sell scented candles as a way to make money on or before February 14. The item comes in handy for couples looking forward to candle-lit dinners after the day’s activities.

Apart from being a great pastime, candle-making has the potential to earn you up to 50% in profits. To maximize your earnings for the Valentine’s season, create scented candles of shapes such as hearts, roses, teddies.

5. Mason Jars

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (5)

To make some extra cash from home, you can paint mason jars and sell them online. It is worth noting that Valentine’s Day mason jar crafts are easy to sell since the jars have many uses.

For example, they can be used as lanterns, flower vases, toothbrush holders, bird feeders, and candy containers.

A great way to ensure your jars attract lovers is to decorate them with lovely messages, heart cutouts, lighting, and rustic fabric.

6. Cheeky Love Coupons

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (6)

How does a breakfast in bed and a foot massage from a sweetheart sound? For me, that’s just what I crave on the morning and evening of the 14th.

To help other couples enjoy the day, on a budget if I may say, create such coupons for lovers. Instead of gift-giving, help couples enjoy the anticipation of what a partner will do to crown their day.

What I like about the idea is that coupons are cheap and easy to make, and the business can be run from home through print-on-demand services.

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7. Custom Text Throw Pillows

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (7)

Among the best ideas to make and sell for Valentine’s is love-themed pillows. Hearts will sell easily but you can also experiment with other shapes, provided the message is sensual.

For these types of gifts, create a mock-up of the pillows and let the customer provide the message. You can then sew their desired patterns and messages before you send out the order.

Creative Valentine Crafts To Make and Sell

In this age of social media, it is easy to run a side job from your home. These business opportunities are especially suitable for people with a creative streak. If this is you, take advantage of the Valentine’s spending spree to showcase and sell innovative crafts for adults. Such inventive ideas include:

8. Fortune Cookies for Valentine

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (8)

People love to hope for good fortunes, with couples and life partners looking forward to better luck on Valentine.

To this end, if you are crafty in the kitchen and a wordsmith, your fortune cookies won’t lack buyers.

The trick is to bake love-themed treats with hidden lovely and hopeful messages. Have the treats ready to sell for Valentine’s Day or a few days earlier.

9. Homemade Valentine Necklace

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (9)

Since you already know that red is the color of the day, why not create necklaces to complement gals’ dresses? This is a side job for people with a knack for accessory designs and love jewelry-making.

Note that people looking for Valentine’s Day jewelry are mostly enticed by the designs. This gives you room to try unique creations including engraved / name pendants, sexy lockets, and heart shape chain links.

10. Valentine’s Day Convo Soaps

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (10)

Some of the best ideas of things to sell on Valentines revolve around personal amenities. And custom bath soap tops the list of bathroom amenities that sell fast on a day when love feels the air.

To cash in on the trend by creating convo soap bearing love messages. You can also personalize the messages by asking buyers to request specific wording.

11. Heart Bath Bombs

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (11)

When looking for Valentines Day stuff to buy, I always find bath bombs on most displays.

You can get on the bandwagon by making unique bath bombs featuring scents such as lavender, green tea, and coconut.

Pretty things also sell well on February 14th, so ensure to create shapes such as hearts and stars. Also, don’t forget to sell your items in Valentine-themed packages.

12. Framed Love Letter

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (12)

How does incorporating captivating a love letter into your decor? The idea just gets me excited and I’m sure others also find this Valentine’s gift idea fascinating.

To get people interested, ensure the frame also blends with the day’s theme of love. Depending on the clientele, love poems will also do instead of letters.

It goes without saying that the craft will only sell if you are a real guru with words. On the money-making side, I recommend selling the product in varying sizes and prices.

13. Cute Valentine’s Tote Bags

If you’ve been to craft fairs, then you know that tote bags are some of the bestsellers. Making the bags is an easy DIY project with the craft leaving lots of room for your imagination.

Depending on the material, your design can include sewn sequin decoration and tie and die patterns. You can also capitalize on sizes and shapes to fit different budgets.

14. Valentine’s Wine Bags

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (13)

Wine is a common feature on Valentine’s Day and having a custom to-go bag can sweeten the day.

To capture this market, you just need some fabric, lace, twine, and ribbons. The rest is basic folding and cutting skills as you shape the bag to fit different bottle sizes.

You can also go a step further and include love texts or the buyer’s name on the ribbons and fabric.

15. Customized Wooden Signs

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (14)

With great craftsmanship, you can use wood to create distinctive signs for couples and lovers. Popular wooden gifts for lovers include names and heart shapes.

Seasoned sellers also incorporate romantic texts by engraving the frame to achieve one-of-a-kind items.

16. Valentine’s Day Mugs

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (15)

Mugs are another great craft to sell for most occasions. Ceramic coffee mugs are top sellers in this category due to the material’s ease of printing.

You can ask buyers to request specific sayings that they want on their mugs, including images and names. Further, you can use vinyl wrap to decorate the mugs, making them reusable for other occasions.

17. Customized Wine Glasses

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (16)

Through print-on-demand providers, you can sell printed glass wines. The services allow for the printing of logos, names, shapes, art, and custom messages.

By brightening up plain glasses, you can add romance to Valentine dinners around the world. The business is among the top earners year-round, including on Christmas, birthdays, and Easter.

Easy Valentines Day Crafts to Make and Sell

Everyone has a degree of craftsmanship in them. This means that before February 14, you can fashion something personal to surprise your partner. Better yet, you can try your hand at making Valentine crafts for sale. For a first-timer, here are some easy crafts to make you cash:

18. Valentine Wooden Blocks

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (17)

As far as simple crafts go, lettered wooden blocks take the lead. To create the above craft, you just need simple square wooden blocks, paint, and a little calligraphy knowledge.

You can add depth to the craft by having different letters on opposite faces of the blocks. The letters should ultimately spell cute messages.

If you are up to it, the craft can also take the form of tiered tray decor. This will allow you to achieve a complex craft with diverse parts.

19. Acrylic Conversation Heart Rings

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (18)

Conversation love decor is one the cheekiest crafts that I have come across on Valentine stands. Some of the simplest conversation decorations to make is acrylic heart rings with enchanting messages.

The heart candies can be of any color and size, and contain different messages. They can be sold as sets for each finger or single items.

20. Valentine Day Heart Napkin Coasters

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (19)

If embroidery is your thing, Valentine Day provides a niche market for napkin coasters. By default, the shape of the coasters is a heart which is easy to cut out.

For the sewing part, you have the option of creating hearts along the edges of the coaster. For simplicity, you can also bind the edges in alternating thread patterns.

Other options for this Valentine craft include crotchet love coasters, slate coasters, and wooden coasters.

21. DIY Lip Balm

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (20)

With just some beeswax and essential oils, you can make custom lip balms to sell online. You will also need the right salve tubes and accompanying matte labels for the different flavors.

Popular flavors during this season include green apple, chocolate mint, French vanilla, and pina colada.

In addition, to capture the Valentine Day mood, your labels need to feature symbols such as candy, heart, and “XOXO”. You can also throw in some personal messages as dictated by the buyer.

22. Wooden Wine Caddy for a Couple

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (21)

This is another wooden craft that is easy to make. All you need is wood of about half a foot by two inches.

The next step is drilling a hole in the middle, just enough to slip into the neck of the bottle. You then drill two smaller holes at near the edges and cut out slots to slide in the glass’ stem.

The last step is polishing and staining the wood. You can also engrave some custom love text or shapes for your product to attract buyers of Valentine stuff.

23. Valentine Day Cookies

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (22)

Looking for treats to sell on the day of love? Homemade cookies are just the right snacks to get people flocking to your online bakery.

The yummy treats can be of different flavors and carry various Valentine Day sayings.

24. Heart Garlands

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (23)

Garlands are some of the most captivating decorations for any occasion, including Valentine Day. Using Cricut machines, you can make thousands of heart cutouts for the decorations.

With different settings of the machine, you can come up with alternating shapes to add beauty to the garlands. You also need varying product dimensions to accommodate the needs of different buyers, such as doorways or mantels.

25. Valentine Gift Buckets

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (24)

It is typical for people to get several gifts during Valentine. This makes a gift bucket an essential item. For sellers, this is an opportunity to sell Valentine-themed buckets to stores and individuals.

The trick is making the buckets attractive with Valentine-themed messages and decorations. You can also weave sisal Valentine gift baskets for eco-conscious buyers.

25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (25)

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25 Valentine Crafts To Make And Sell for Profits In 2024 (2024)


What is the most sold item on Valentine's Day? ›

Sure, diamonds are great, but chocolate's sweeter. This is probably why 57% of consumers buy Valentine's Day candy as a gift for their loved ones. Other popular gifts include cards (40%), flowers (37%), and an evening out (31%).

What product sells the most on Valentine's Day? ›

Candy: As the saying goes, “Candy for the win!” It comes as no surprise that candy tops the list, with 57% of people purchasing sweets for their loved ones on Valentine's Day. Chocolates, in particular, are a timeless classic and a symbol of romance.

What are the top 3 best selling products or services for Valentine's Day? ›

What to Sell on Valentine's Day?
  • Chocolates/Sweets. Nearly 30% of US adults wished to receive chocolate and sweets on this occasion. ...
  • Flowers. How can we celebrate Valentine's Day without a luxurious bouquet of roses? ...
  • Gift Cards/Vouchers. ...
  • Clothing. ...
  • Perfumes. ...
  • Valentine's Day Cards. ...
  • Jewelry. ...
  • Lingerie.
Jan 16, 2024

What are the top 3 items consumers buy for Valentine's Day? ›

The top gifts include candy (57%), greeting cards (40%), flowers (39%), an evening out (32%), jewelry (22%), clothing (21%) and gift cards (19%). New spending records are expected for jewelry ($6.4 billion), flowers ($2.6 billion), clothing ($3 billion) and an evening out ($4.9 billion).

What to sell on Etsy for Valentine's Day? ›

Love-Themed Etsy Valentine's Day Gifts

They're personalized lockets and jewelry, sewn teddy bears, and personalized gifts for that special someone in your life. In general, these Etsy gifts are the simplest to market for Valentine's Day.

When should I start selling for Valentines Day? ›

Another critical question is when you should start planning Valentine's Day. Ideally, you'll begin planning products two months before — think December time — and launch around mid-January. This gives you a month to plan, create, and source products.

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